Dan Masi NJDEP Flagrant Dishonest Incompetence Letter

I am writing to provide some information on a recent series of actions by the NJ DEP that I find concerning.  The attached document goes into substantial detail; to briefly summarize, though:

  • DEP performed a study and created a map showing potential for H2S dispersion that would accompany any Fenimore excavation activity; it showed a tremendous impact over a 400+ square mile area.
  • DEP presented this information to up to 30 municipalities surrounding Roxbury Township; yet Roxbury themselves were not contacted or even informed of this activity, despite the fact that according to this map, Roxbury is “ground zero”.
  • The map was presented without basis in data, model construction, or assumptions.
  • Data and model assumptions were provided later after being requested; analysis shows that there are serious errors in this modeling, so much so that a correct re-drawing of this map would almost certainly show absolutely zero impact anywhere outside of Roxbury.
  • DEP was informed of these errors.  After no response for several weeks despite repeated requests, DEP responded that they will not address the errors and do not intend to communicate them to those already shown the (fallacious) map.
  • In the meantime, the DEP Commissioner has testified to the NJ Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, two weeks after his organization was given the information regarding the errors, that 30 municipalities would potentially be affected should excavation of Fenimore happen.

I provide the attached document for your reference and review.


Dan Masi
Resident, Roxbury Township