Roxbury residents should not ‘just suck it up and accept it’


The following is a response to your editorial ” The Course Has Been Set” published last week in the Roxbury Register.

There are many people who find your “let sleeping dogs lie” suggestion just plain insulting.

While there are those in this town who are lucky enough to only be bothered by an occasional odor, there are others who are concerned everyday for the health of their children, the future contamination of their well water and the value of their homes.

Are you suggesting they just accept the fact that their children are being poisoned, their water supply is at risk and that the largest investment they made in their life is on its way to being worthless?

Are you saying they should sacrifice their children’s health and their future and just let it go?

If it were your children at risk and your own financial future being destroyed, would you really shrug your shoulders and give up?

I do not argue with you that without the soil samples it is difficult for the towns experts to form an educated opinion. Without the samples we do not know what is really there and what leaving it in place can do to this town in years to come.

Why do you think the DEP will not turn over soil samples or make public the test results from the smoke stack? Do you think it is because they contain good news?

The people of Roxbury should be frightened by the DEP’s refusal to allow these tests. What are they hiding and what will happen to those who live here 10 years from now? No one really knows and without those tests we will not know until it is too late.

The town spent our tax dollars on a report that could not be finished because the DEP is withholding information and rather than fight to get the information that is needed to make an educated decision, your brilliant suggestion is to just accept it? Let the state poison our children, let them destroy are town’s reputation and our home values and just pretend it isn’t happening?

There is a 400,000 cubic yards of toxic material festering in our town, making township children sick and destroying our home values but you suggest we should suck it up and accept it.

Roxbury Township

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