What can you do?

TAKE the Fenimore Spend 5 Minutes per day furthering the cause Challenge!
  1. If you smell “rotten eggs”, “burnt bacon” or something that is not right, contact the DEP at 877-WARN-DEP. Explain the situation and get a complaint number.  This is so important to document when and where the toxic gas is for future reference.
  2. Signup for our email newsletter and alerts.
  3. Sign our petition to the NJDEP.
  4. Like and follow R.E.A.C.T.’s Facebook Page.
  5. Like and follow the  Fenimore Landfill Facebook Group.
  6. Follow R.E.A.C.T. on Twitter.
  7. Attend Township Council Meetings, REACT Public Open Meetings, Events, and Rallies.
  8. Comment on ALL media articles regarding Fenimore.
  9. Comment on ALL media articles concerning Governor Christie.
  10.  Send letters to government officials, from local to State to Federal.
  11.  Volunteer to help! Send us an email from the Contact Us Page.
  12.  Most importantly: Spread the word about Fenimore and our site to family, friends, neighbors, and other TWP residents.  Use Facebook, email, twitter, put up flyers in public places, put a bumper magnet on your car, or place signs on your front lawns. Use the contact us form for more information.

THANK YOU for your continued support! <3